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Harrah High Fashion Jumpsuit

Turn heads in our Harrah High Fashion Jumpsuit!  Flattering fit for those that want to show off their curves.


Bust:  S:86 cm(33.9")  M:90cm(35.4") L:94cm(37.0")  XL:98cm(38.6")

Waist:  S: 68cm(26.0")  M:72cm(27.6") L:76cm(29.1")   XL:80cm(30.7")

Hip:  S: 94cm(36.2")  M:98cm(37.8") L:102cm(39.4")  XL:106cm(40.9")

Sleeve:  S: 37cm(22.8")  M:38cm(23.2") L:39cm(23.6")   XL:40cm(24")

Length:  S: 141cm(22.4")  M:142cm(22.8") L:143cm(23.2")   XL:144cm(23.6")